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Bodegas Las Acacias, Bodega 13, Avenida General Enriquez
Sangolquí, Pichincha

About Us


This is an initiative launched by CEOs of Latin American companies that believe that current certifications on fair/direct/ethical trade were not really capturing the shared value concept that some companies are implementing.  Moreover, none of these certifications were really benefiting, either in terms of marketing or finance, the small and medium-sized companies involved with Direct Trade in the developing world. 


Our project aims to:

a. Establish a wieldy and less bureaucratic certification process for manufacturers who practice or want to practice ethical direct trade with their suppliers. 

b. Allow certified companies to use the Direct Trade logo for Marketing purposes.

c. Allow certified companies to be part of our Monthly Subscription Box, generating more sales and brand awareness.


Our mission is to help entrepreneurs and farmers worldwide to benefit from healthy relationships between one another, to reconnect and to mutually achieve their goals and needs in an ethical framework of respect and consideration and to create better living conditions for everyone involved achieved through creating greater shared value.

Direct Trade believes that working in a symbiotic, caring relationship is indispensable for any kind of business.  So we aim to promote social and economical development for rural communities - their development not only encourages better production practices, but also helps maintain long relationships which prioritise striving for mutual success.  We are intent on integrating fair practices not only on the exchange between farmer and manufacturer, but across farmers of different ages, races and gender.