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Bodegas Las Acacias, Bodega 13, Avenida General Enriquez
Sangolquí, Pichincha


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the Direct Trade label?

It’s an independent consumer label you see on a product that meets the international Direct Trade standards.  It shows that the product has been approved to offer a better deal to the farmers and workers involved.

  • Who is Direct Trade? 

It is an international non-profit association made up of organizations worldwide conformed of active Direct Trade members.  It’s 50 per cent owned by the farmers and workers it works for.  Direct Trade develops and reviews international trading standards that support farmers and workers to create and benefit from finished goods value. 

  • How do I stick Direct Trade partners´ products in my shop?

You can contact us to provide you with Direct Trade Products or you can contact the manufacturers directly

  • How are the prices set according to Direct Trade standards?

The minimum price is set based on a investigation process.  For producers, the value of Direct Trade is not about the relationship of their selling price to that of the finished product, but to their costs of production and the conventional market price.  Also, the cost savings from having no intermediaries are divided accordingly to each part.

  • Is there a re-investment on technical support standard according to Direct Trade?

Re-investment on improving the producer's raw material is necessary for increasing the manufacturer's finished goods value.  The percentage of re-investment is valued according to the savings of having no intermediaries and it varies depending on the manufacturing company.

  • Is there a price to be a Direct Trade Member?

After you have successfully fulfilled the requisites, you pay a $100 membership annual fee that accounts for the right of using the Direct Trade logo and the benefits of being published in the DT web-page, social media and events.