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Bodegas Las Acacias, Bodega 13, Avenida General Enriquez
Sangolquí, Pichincha

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The Direct Trade is conformed of thousands of farmers, manufactures, retailers and consumers worldwide with diverse nationalities, labor roles, races and genders; all striving together for the creation of a better world.





Our initiative is helping big and small Direct Trade manufacturers by making their products accessible to new markets, thus giving jobs to thousands of farmers.  Support Direct Trade manufacturers to improve farmer communities productivity by becoming a subscriber of our Monthly Subscription Box!



Direct Trade member products are already selling in five continents, each one holding the Direct Trade stamp.  We are glad to say that Direct Trade certified members are experiencing a significant increase in the market share, due to a greater product quality and the presence of new customers who care about the social responsibility and ethical values that we share.


Working with Direct Trade is a great way to show your support for farmers and producers around the world and to create a difference in their lives. By having The Direct Trade Stamp your customers will know that your business makes ethical products.

In addition, by being a member of Direct Trade you can proudly use the Direct Trade stamp in your products and get the benefits of being published in the DT web-page, social media and in events. Check out the requisites you need to fulfill in order to be part of our community!